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Concrete Lifting Saskatoon

Hi, I’m Ryan and with my son, we specialize in concrete lifting using foam injection and expansion technology. Our company serves Saskatoon and the areas of Rosetown and Warman, SK. As a family run business we know how important a safe and level driveway or walkway is for your home.

For over 20 years we have had our hand in construction, we’ve focused in insulation and general construction for many years. And with that knowledge and expertise, we knew foam concrete jacking was our next step.

Not everyone can do concrete lifting, especially foam injected material. There is an extensive understanding of foam chemical, pressurized fixtures, and specialized tools needed. Our many years in spray foam gives us the skill and ability to lift concrete by controlling the expansion of foam under the slab.

Tech is in our name, and we’re dedicated to the science of construction. We believe in delivering quality workmanship and premium products for lifting your concrete slab.

Foam Tech has the tools and expertise to complete your next concrete lifting project, on time and on budget.

Contact us today for an estimate and we’ll give you the best solution for your sunken slab or walkway.

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Foam Concrete Lifting Services in Saskatoon

Lifting concrete in Saskatoon is a common practice, primarliy due from new construction ground work or because of improper water drainage. If you have sunken concrete or unlevel walkways, our foam lifting specialist can have your slab or walkway level and safe from tripping hazards in no time.

Our Concrete Lifting Services

Where concrete foam lifting can be used...

Concrete Slab Lifting

Concrete walkway lifting

Concrete driveway lifting

Concrete pad lifting

Concrete patio lifting

Precast deck lifting

garage concrete slab lifting

Foundation Lifting

House foundation lifting

Basement lifting

Garage floor lifting

Shop floor lifting

walkway and foundation foam jacking

Soil Stabilization

Ground void fill

Pest burrowing

Erosion fill

Disturbed ground fill

foam injection soil stabilization

Our Complete Polyurethane Services

Spray Foam Insulation

Attic Insulation

Concrete Lifting

Benefits of Foam Concrete Lifting

Spray foam concrete lifting can be used to lift many different concrete products. These can be residential foundations, cement driveways or commercial structures such as building floors and large patios. The polyurethane product is protected from UV under the slab, and so essentially has multiple lifetime expectancies.

The product won’t degrade from water or soil, and won’t lose it shape over time due to it’s high density properties. And because it’s waterproof, the sub-zero Saskatoon weather will not impact it during temperature swings of repeated freeze and thaw cycles.

Freeze Cycle Proof

Expands x35 to Fill Voids

Holds its Form Over Time

To learn more about how foam lifting can solve your sunken concrete, call Foam Tech today and let us get a solution that will work for you.

Foam Lifting or Mudjacking Concrete?

Mud Jacking Process

Mudjacking has been around since the 1930’s and is still used today. To raise concrete using this method, you mix a sand-like material with water and cement to create a mud that is pumped into the concrete. In order to pump the mud, holes between 1 - 3 inches are drilled into the concrete and forced through under pressure to raise the concrete.

This method can be a time consuming method to get the mud just right and pumped into all the holes. Once finished, you still need to wait up to 24 - 48 hours to cure.

Foam Lifting Process

Spray foam concrete lifting is essentially the very same concept as mudjacking but with some key differences. The holes drilled into the concrete are significantly smaller, around a diameter of 5/8”. The smaller holes make it much more aesthetically pleasing, and easier to hide compared to mudjacking holes.

Concrete foam lifting also has the benefits spray foam properties, that is, the foam expands up to 25 to 35 times its original volume, it won’t erode over time like mudjacking, it’s incredibly lightweight compared to mud, and it can be used to stabilize the surrounding soil.

When the installer secures the coupler to the ports, a controlled injection is done by intermittently pumping high-density geo-technical expanding foam through the injection hole. Once the concrete has been lifted to the required height, the injection holes are filled with cement and troweled smooth to leave little to no evidence of any work having been done. Aside from letting the troweled area set up, you’re free to walk on the concrete after 15 - 20 minutes without concern of compromising the new lift.

Contact Foam Tech today to get a free estimate to lift your sunken concrete!

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Commercial Concrete Lifting

Airport runways

Commercial buildings

Highway repair

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Spray Foam FAQs

What causes concrete slabs to sink?

Concrete slabs sink or become uneven due to disturbed ground not being properly compacted during the fill and leveling process. Another cause for concrete sinking is from poor water drainage. This is typically seen around a foundation where drain tile and eavestrough are missing.

As with any repair job, there can be risks of damage to concrete. However, this is why it is important to choose a knowledgable and credible contractor. A seasoned and certified spray foam lifting contractor will be able to mitigate risks and greatly reduce the likelihood of cracking your foundation.

The amount of insulation required to lift concrete depends on the void needing to be filled and the height the concrete needs to be raised to. If the amount of foam needed is uncertain, contractors may charge on a time and material basis.

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Foam Tech Industries is your first choice for concrete lifting services in Saskatoon. Our decades of trade knowledge and technical experience gives us the ability to take on even the most challenging projects.

When you choose Foam Tech Industries, you can be confident in our price and workmanship.