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Spray Foam Insulation Saskatoon

Foam Tech Industries is a family owned and operated insulation company serving Saskatoon and surrounding areas of Rosetown and Warman, SK with the best in Spray Foam Insulation.

Our family business has been construction! From renovations to full builds and residential to commercial, we have been involved. Over all these years we have discovered that a properly insulated building can last.

That’s why we believe in delivering the highest quality and best insulation for your home or business.

As a father and son team, we work together to insulate your home using polyurethane foam insulation. Spray foam can be used on multiple surfaces and building types, and we’ve done many applications including shops, arenas, crawl spaces and even cast-iron tubs.

Foam Tech has the equipment and expertise to complete your next insulation project. Our certificate holding installers have the training and job experience to handle any project. We spray the best in Polyurethane products with Enerlabs 2 lb Closed Cell Enerthane Eco brand. This foam is manufactured in Canada and tailored to handle the climate.

basement getting insulated with spray foam by foam tech
basement wall filled with spray foam insulation
basement wall filled with polyurethane insulation

Spray Foam Installer in Saskatoon

With many other construction companies arriving in Saskatoon to fill the need of quality insulators, it’s more important than ever to choose reputable and reliable contractors. That’s why it’s our goal to provide clear and understandable quotes and professional installation of spray foam insulation.

Polyurethane Insulation Services

Getting your Saskatoon home properly insulated is important, and is something that needs to be done with the guidance of a insulation professional. When you work with us we will examine your home or building, pin point areas of thermal loss, and insulate to the required r-value.

Our Process

Our process involves using 2lb closed cell spray foam insulation to create an air-tight seal and vapour barrier. This is the industry standard for polyurethane spray foam insulation, and we make sure to follow all building codes such as the CAN/ULC s705.2 for spray foam insulation. Foam Tech is dedicated to the science of insulation and solid building envelope practices.

walls insulated with spray foam by foam tech

Spray Foam Installer Certified

We are fully licensed and certified to spray foam insulation and with over 20yrs of construction experience, you can be assured that you’re working with industry experts.

foam tech spray foam installer on scaffold insulating

Our Polyurethane Spray Services

Spray Foam Insulation

Attic Insulation

Concrete Lifting

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam offers many benefits and can significantly reduce heat costs in the winter and air conditioning in the summer compared to other insulation technologies.

Spray foam is seamless and can seal hard to get to areas, unlike poly-wrap and batt insulation

Spray foam offers the best r-value to inch cost, even more cost effective than rigid-board insulation

Closed cell insulation can be sprayed around joists, rafters, wall studs and even pipes or ventilation in a short time, it’s much faster than cutting and securing AVB and batt insulation in these difficult areas.

Spray foam offers many benefits and can significantly reduce heat costs in the winter and air conditioning in the summer compared to other insulation technologies.

Commercial Spray Foam Installer

Spray foam for oil rigs, H-vac, and steel construction

Fire protected coatings for sub-level floors and plenums

Thermal surveys and inspections for building code

Spray insulation for government, military, and private buildings

Residential Spray Foam Installer

New homes and energy efficient renovations

Spray insulation for barns, quonset buildings, and shops​

Basement and crawl space foam insulation​

Polyurethane spray insulation for walls, floor joists, attics, and rafters​

Spray Foam FAQs

Can I be home when spray foam is installed?

No, you cannot be living in the home during the installation. When applied properly, VOC’s and odors will dissipate after 24hrs.

R-value refers to the rate at which heat is prevented from moving over a period of time in a given thickness of insulation. An example would be the r-value of blown-in cellulose insulation is around R2.5 per inch where spray foam is around R6.8 per inch. Spray foam offers a higher thermal resistance than cellulose.

No you cannot spray foam over mold. Mold must be cleaned from the concrete or wood using bleach. Mold on a wall can prevent the chemical mixture from properly adhering to the wall, and could potentially make the situation worse - requiring repair.

As part of the CAN/ULC s705.1 code that governs medium density spray foam manufacturing, each foam must be identifiable by colour at the time of install.

Your Top Spray Foam Company in Saskatoon

Foam Tech Industries is your top choice for spray foam a installer in Saskatoon homes. Our combined years of experience and trade knowledge allows us to take on even the most challenging projects.

Our services are fair priced, on time, and conducted with the highest integrity. And our reputation and your satisfaction are most important to us.